Cairo will always remain a city filled with surprises and contradictions. Cairo’s backstreets are filled with hidden gems and it’s often on these hidden streets that you’d find something unexpected. Off of Mohy El Din Abu El Ezz Street in Dokki for instance, Iran Street is home of Fish Inn

As the name implies, Fish Inn is all about seafood. Apart from serving regular fish dishes, there is also a sushi bar. The restaurant is very big and meticulously clean. The interior is subdued with a lot of grey, black and white. They have a private room that seats more than 20 diners, which makes it perfect for private gatherings.

The menu is extremely varied with lots of fish options. Unfortunately, it seems that fish these days are outsmarting their hunters as not everything on the menu is always available. The sushi menu is also quite extensive and features popular and well-known choices.

The appetizer menu is relatively small and you are best off opting for the delicious Yaki Turi shrimp (39LE). Presented on a skewer, the shrimp were marinated in sweet sticky sauce; the spring onion added a refreshing taste and played off of the sauce nicely. Another good shrimp option is the butterfly style prepared shrimp with white sauce. Four shrimp cost 48LE.

Most of the fish can be prepared to your liking. The sea bass can be cooked in the oven with potatoes, vegetables and white sauce – the sea bass is 92LE per kilo and one fish is about 500 grams. One fish comfortably feeds two people, especially if you take it with the potatoes and vegetables. The fish was well done and the vegetables tasted fresh; the oven-cooked potatoes went well with the white sauce. The only downside to this meal was the abundance of dill. Dill is indeed the perfect herb with fish but its taste is very distinct and tends to be overpowering. Even a little bit of dill can be too much for a light fish like sea bass.

The sushi menu has popular rolls like the avocado caterpillar roll (55LE for 8 pieces) and the smoked roll (55LE for 8 pieces). Unfortunately the avocado on the rolls wasn’t ripe and was therefore very hard and lacked taste. Perhaps this was because it’s not in season, but other sushi restaurants around town don’t seem to have this issue. The smoked roll with shrimp tempura, salmon, caviar cream and smoked salmon tasted a bit too fishy; this is usually the case when the fish has been deep frozen, and the caviar cream was also nowhere to be found.

Though Fish Inn’s location isn’t the most desirable, it does serve good food and the restaurant is spotlessly clean which is always comforting when it comes to eating fish in Cairo.