First taking Zamalek by storm, Indian restaurant Nawab has spread its wings and made its way over to Maadi. Located on Road 276, down the street from Red Onion, Begum comes as a treat for Maadi residents who now don’t need to go far for an affordable and tasty Indian meal.

When it comes to atmosphere, Begum lacks it as opposed to its counterpart in Zamalek. Begum was considerably empty, to the extent that we began to wonder whether the restaurant was actually open or if it was still in the furbishing phase.

Begum has the same menu as Nawab; specialising in dishes from North India and the Mughlai area. At the beginning of the menu there is a small introduction explaining the selected name; it turns out that Nawab was a famous Indian ruler and Begum was his wife.

The menu is pretty extensive and it’s easy to get lost in. The shami kebab (34LE) starter consists of two ground lamb patties with mint and while they were full of flavour, the consistency was a bit crumbly and it was on the dry side – a lot of sauce was needed to make up for that.

In general, when choosing a main, you select a dish and then decide on what the meat will be; for example fish, chicken, lamb or vegetables if you don’t eat meat.

A masala dish (65LE) consists of a rich tomato based sauce and we chose to have it with chunks of lamb; the sauce was nice and it came in a generous portion, but we found it a bit too spicy. The lamb had some fat on it as well which didn’t make it more enjoyable. The curry dish (45LE), chosen with fish, consisted of diced white fish and a mix of curry with yoghurt. The fish meat was fried well and the sauce was tasty but it could have been a bit creamier.

The best part about Begum was their delicious naans. The garlic naan (9LE) was drenched in butter and garlic and gave an extra tangy pop when eaten with the curry. The butter naan (9LE) was delicious as well, but if you are inexperienced with the Indian kitchen it is best of to stick with the plain naan (7LE) because there is a lot of ghee used in the dishes; if your stomach is not up to that you might have a very unpleasant evening.

Though the food at Begum is good it doesn’t match up to its Zamalek counterpart - yet.