In addition to their regular menu, Casper and Gambini’s have developed a special menu for Ramadan. With three different meals to choose from and a delectable variety of appetisers, soups and main dishes, their fetar option is delivery only so we ordered in and enjoyed a quiet meal at home.

All meals come with optional deli desserts and your choice of jallab, karkadeh or ammar el din, as well as a shisha/dessert coupon to be used in-house. For drinks, we ordered karkadeh, which was well brewed and thankfully light on sugar.

For our dishes, we opted for meals one and two. Meal one consists of lentil soup, deep-fried calamari and goat cheese, raspberry salad for starters. The main dish includes a mixed grill platter, roasted vegetables and saffron rice with mushroom gravy sauce. Meal two consists of chicken vegetable soup, Gambini’s fried mozzarella, and CG special salad. The main dish includes deep fried chicken escalope and creamy fettuccini pasta. All meals are priced at 120LE, but the portions are quite large and could have easily fed a third person.

Our vegetable soup was packed full of delicious freshly cut vegetables and noodles, although it need a bit of salt and lemon for flavour. The lentil soup came with celery and onions; watered down and hardly lentil at all, it lacked the grainy consistency and orange colour so characteristic of this soup.

The fried mozzarella served with a creamy island dip was was crispy and full; the fried calamari rings were a bit soggy after being packed and ended up as rubbery and tasteless.

Fresh, colourful and varied, the salads were definitely the highlight of this meal; while the rest of the dishes suffered from not being served hot and fresh in-house, the salads retained Casper & Gambini’s top-notch quality. The goat cheese and raspberry salad served with balsamic vinaigrette had cherry tomatoes, rocket, red lettuce, iceberg lettuce, and chopped hazelnuts and was crunchy, fresh and overall very tasty.

The CG Special salad came with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, corn and baby corn, heart of palm, beetroot, asparagus and a lemony Dijon dressing. The combination of flavours and the bite of the Dijon dressing made this salad a delight.

The creamy fettuccini pasta and fried chicken escalope came in sizable portions. The pasta’s creamy sauce sank to the bottom, but a quick stir revived the dish. Although it contained a generous portion of mushrooms, which we always appreciate, the pasta itself was far too greasy and very heavy. All we could manage was maybe a quarter of the portion after working our way through our starters, leaving a lot left over. Stuffed with cheese and turkey, the chicken was well seasoned and flavoursome.

The mixed grill with vegetables and saffron rice came with grilled tomato, zucchini and aubergine. The rice was distinctively yellow and well seasoned with the added sweetness of raisins. The mixed grill had beef tenderloin, tandoori chicken, and grilled beef bacon. We found the meat too greasy and rather on the heavy side, while the chicken on the other hand was delicious.

For dessert, we ordered the brownie with chocolate fudge sauce, which consists of small pieces of almond-stuffed brownie served with fudge sauce. The bite-sized pieces are convenient to avoid sugar overdose after fitar and were quite enjoyable.

While much of the food was too heavy, the portions are very generous and the variety is refreshing. Casper & Gambini have filled a void for those wanting something distinctively un-Ramadan.