As the name suggests, this is a house full of foul dishes. But not any old foul dishes – this new place on Iraq Street, in Mohandiseen, boasts the claim of having the best foul in town; homemade, fresh and tasty. The small shop mainly works on takeaway and delivery basis, but they do have two side bars where you can have a quick sit in to eat or wait for your order. However, during Ramadan, they also have a small seating area outside with a few chairs and small tables. The décor is simple and colourful with an antique blue door at the back which is the highlight of the place. Inside, you’ll see a counter made in the shape of a foul cart where they serve the foul, along with homemade chips and salads.

The menu is full of variety with traditional Egyptian foul dishes, as well as Lebanese and Syrian versions, not to mention their own special mixes. Prices start from 2LE for a plain foul sandwich to 3.50LE for a special foul mix; and from 6LE to 10LE you can get a box of foul.

We tried the Syrian foul, made with hummus and olive oil; the Lebanese mixed with salad that had lots of green coriander leaves and a hint of garlic; and the Gulf mix with whole foul beans, garlic and tomato sauce. We were blown away by the Vinaigrette Foul; with sliced onions and a nice tanginess, it was by far our favourite.

The shamy falafel, made with hummus, were crispy on the outside, light and very tasty as a whole - they were made in the shape of a small doughnut with a hole in the middle. Prices are 3LE for a sandwich and 5LE for a box of four falafels. The sandwich, made from fresh, round shamy bread, is full of salad and your choice of tehina or hummus spread.

Takeaway sandwiches are wrapped up nicely with a colourful wrapper and sealed with a neat label indicating which is foul and which is falafel.

Egg dishes on the menu are particularly unusual like boiled eggs with oregano (5LE) or da’a (a mix of dry salt, pepper and cumin) and omelette with vegetables and cheese (4.50LE), which you don’t normally find in foul shops.

The salads are great too; the baba ghanough bursts with garlic, the tehina is flavourful with the right texture and we especially liked the classic white cheese with tomato, which also green had peppers on top.

If you want a homely version of foul and want to try out new mixes, this is the place to go.