One of the many excellent restaurants catering to Cairo’s lovers of all things fishy, Sea Gull is not to be missed. Situated on the Nile side of the Agouza Corniche, the seafood restaurant is very large, with row upon row of long rectangular tables almost right on the Nile. Sea Gull has sections for both indoor and outdoor dining; the latter is particularly recommended if the weather is nice or if you want to smoke a shisha. With a place this large in size; you don’t need to make reservations.

Seafood restaurants in Cairo often have the best salads and mezzas, and Sea Gull is no exception. Our company ordered a full selection of salads to keep us busy before the main course, and we were thrilled with the quality. The baba ghanoush and the tomeya are beyond excellent, as is the tehina. Everything else was accompanied by large loaves of piping hot baladi bread and left us deeply impressed as well.

At Sea Gull, you select your main course from a display of different fish on ice. The attendant (who appears to be the chef that prepares the fish as well) is particularly helpful with recommendations to assist you in selecting from the bewildering array of fresh fish and shellfish.

We ordered a selection of grilled mullet (boory in Arabic) and sea bass (aroos in Arabic), in addition to a kilogram of fried shrimp, and we waited for the feast to begin. We were not disappointed; the fish was obviously very fresh, and the seasoning was just perfect, while the shrimp was divine. Fried in a crispy batter, it is definitely not to be missed.

The only drawback to the restaurant (even though this drawback depends on your perspective), is that Sea Gull is a very family-oriented place. In Cairo, this means that children will be running amuck all over the place. This is great if you have kids of your own or you are with a bunch of friends just out to eat, but it can be a disadvantage if you’re with more intimate company or having a business meal, for example.

Nonetheless, Sea Gull is definitely recommended. A pleasant surprise occurred when we asked for the check. There were four of us although only three actually ate (the fourth member of our company had shisha and a beer), and the check came out to around 700 LE, which is not too bad for a high-quality seafood restaurant in Cairo; considering that our order included a kilo of shrimp.