The endless search for the perfect burger is a predicament that we know all too well. While walking around City Stars, in a moment of weakness, we gave into American food chain Fuddruckers on a whim. Not only do we not regret our decision, but we’re also quite proud to report back that Fuddruckers makes a fantastic, multilayered and classic American burger.

The chilli cheese fries appetiser (30LE) is a massive plate of potato wedges, chilli and cheddar cheese. Freshly fried, crisp potato wedges are topped with delicious beef and bean chilli, which is also scrumptious all on its own (13LE/cup). The Buffalo wings (32LE) are also divine! Perfectly fried with a slight crunch and swimming in red hot buffalo sauce, these wings have tender meat and just the right amount of spice.

The burger menu has enough variety to satisfy anyone who prides himself as a burger connoisseur. Whether you want your burger dressed with beef bacon, Swiss cheese, fresh mushrooms or guacamole; there’s a burger at Fuddruckers for everyone. Price of burger depends on its size, of which there are four: 1/3 (35LE), ½ (39LE), 2/3 (43LE) and one pound (55LE). Most importantly, the beef patties at Fuddruckers rock: they’re nicely grilled, tender on the inside and super juicy.

The tumbleweed burger is deliciously topped with sautéed peppers, Swiss cheese and spicy onion rings. What will keep you ordering this burger time and time again is the colourful peppers in a sea of Swiss cheese and crowned with thin, crispy onion rings that add a nice crunchy texture to the burger.

The sheer mention of 'guacamole' draws customers to the South West burger, which consists of beef bacon, pepper jack cheese and guacamole. While the guacamole might not receive a stamp of approval from Mexican food snobs; it fares nicely in a burger. The beef bacon is thick but quite fatty; so unless you like that (we don’t), order the bacon on the side. The pepper jack cheese adds that extra kick of spice.

For dessert, try the cookies: they’re freshly baked, soft and only 2LE. Peanut butter is a personal favourite.

Another great thing about Fuddruckers is its super fast service. Appetisers come fresh and usually in ten minutes or less. While the City Stars location isn’t the greatest atmosphere– with everyone running around with Spinney’s bags and whatnot– it is convenient when you’re craving a great burger during a busy afternoon at the mall.