Ethnic food can be hit-and-miss in Cairo, and when it comes to Thai food; there just aren’t enough quality options. If you’re craving good Thai food in Egypt; we recommend that you make your way over to Lai Thai at the Four Seasons in Giza. Laden with silk wall hangings of gold leaf and other Thai artefacts, this restaurant offers deliciously authentic Thai food that’s worth its high price tag.

The appetiser sampler for two (120LE) is highly recommended. It consists of five popular Thai appetisers, including chicken and beef satay, shrimp and crab croquettes, marinated chicken wrapped in leak leaf, Thai saku dumplings filled with chicken and peanuts; and minced chicken and shrimps coriander in rice tartlets. We most enjoyed the tender meat satays served with chunky peanut sauce, as well as the saku dumplings, which were like sticky rice balls filled with finely chopped marinated chicken and roasted peanuts.

The mee lueng hang (90LE), stir-fried yellow noodles with beef and white cabbage, was pretty yummy. It wasn’t anything out of this world, but the noodles were well-cooked and fried with oyster sauce and sweet chilli paste. The beef was noticeably tender and a good cut of meat.

The talay phad phong ga ree (105LE), a plate of stir-fried scallops, calamari, and shrimps in yellow curry, is one of the best curries that we’ve had. The super fresh seafood was cooked with red onions and slices of red hot chilli pepper. If you don’t like your curry hot; don’t eat the pepper! The entrée is served with freshly steamed rice. The yellow curry was so fantastic; we continued to eat it after the seafood was gone. It was well-spiced, creamy and full of flavour.

The caramelised Thai pumpkin custard (32LE) dessert is to die for. It’s basically like a Thai spin on crème brûlee with bits of pumpkin thrown in. It was incredibly delicious and the custard was just the right consistency. Even though we were already stuffed from our meals; we licked the plate dry.

Aside from the lovely food, the service was fantastic. The Thai waitresses were very attentive, friendly and eager to answer any questions about the food. An appetiser, two entrées and a dessert can cost around 450LE, including taxes and service charge.