Gad is beloved in all Cairo neighbourhoods for its big red sign and its tasty, quick foul and taameya sandwiches. The Downtown branch of this Cairo restaurant provides a new dimension of the Gad experience for diners looking for more than a mere sandwich off the street.

Gad’s sit-down dining room is a great stop for hungry Downtowners and an excellent choice for a rustic and delicious Cairo-style fetar. Though a simple restaurant, menu options are quite varied with a wide selection of meat, fish and chicken dishes along with salads and the standard foul and taameya options.

The upstairs dining room at Gad Tahrir is a no-frills affair with paper napkins, plastic cups and fast turnover. Drink selections are limited to water, sodas and fresh lemon, but they are all served ice cold and make a good accompaniment to the hearty food.

Gad’s meal combinations are satisfying and offer great value. The fried fish plate comes with French fries, salad, bread and the best browned rice in town. Although the French fries were a little soggy, the fish was fried perfectly and the salad was fresh with a light dressing of lemon and oil. The piping hot homemade bread with black sesame is a highlight that comes with every meal.

Other culinary highlights at Gad include the tehina salad, and the grilled chicken and kofta plates served with rice, salad and fries. The main courses on offer make for a satisfying lunch or fetar, while the selection of salads and the famous foul and taameya are perfect for a light dinner or sohour.

Fetar at Gad is a festive affair given its location in the heart of Downtown Cairo, despite a lack of special fetar offers at the restaurant. Service is coordinated to ensure the prompt arrival of main courses at fetar time, and bread and water are available in abundance to ensure a prompt breaking of the fast.

A foul or taameya sandwich will always be the cheapest bet, but the prices in Gad’s dining room are more than affordable. Dinner for two with drinks tallies up to between 50LE to 60LE.

Gad is very much a local haunt, with waiters and regular customers engaging in friendly banter. This is part of what makes this place special; cheap and friendly local hangouts are, unfortunately, a dying breed in Cairo's restaurant scene. Once you’ve experienced Gad, chances are that you will make fast friends with your waiter and become a regular here yourself!