When shopping in Cairo, you may often face a struggle between wanting to be covered in brands from head to toe and that little voice inside of you insisting that paying 300LE for an undershirt is plainly illogical. If you have ever experienced that inner struggle, you’re in luck with Nile Stock, your magical way out of this conundrum.

The same company that brought us Red Tags has another chain of bargain clothes shops. With five different branches in Cairo, Nile Stock offers a huge number of on-sale items all year long. What makes Nile Stock different from Red Tags is that the latter specialises in bigger designer brands and generally more fundamental items of clothing.

On the other hand, Nile Stock is the kind of shop that is nearly impossible to leave empty handed. No matter what you are looking for, at least one of the many colourful t-shirts or comfortable sweatpants will spontaneously jump into your shopping bag. There are many to choose from and they are all very reasonably priced.

It took this reviewer some time to find the Mohandiseen branch, despite its prominent location on Gamaat El Dowal Street– it's actually located on the first floor of a residential building.

Most of the shop contains items for under 100LE, including coats and knitwear. In summer, you can find a whole stack of t-shirts, vests and tank tops in every imaginable colour and fabric for as little as 14LE a piece. When it comes to PJs and sportswear, Nile Stock is your answer: many of its soft cotton t-shirts would be very comfortable to wear indoors.

Sportswear is also available in the form of t-shirts or full training suits by Adidas and Diadora averaging around 90LE. However, the kids’ wear section takes up the biggest part of the shop; including Gap shirts in pure, high-quality Egyptian cotton for less than 50LE.

With its great quality and practical clothing at very reasonable prices, Nile Stock is one of those shops where you can feel that the world is right again for a few moments. You can still always get the coats and jeans from high-end brand stores, but for everything in between, thank God for Nile Stock.