Cairo has so many gift shops filled with home accessories and trinkets, that they can be difficult to tell apart. Located on Hassan Assem Street in Zamalek, Moon Flower is a gift shop with a distinctive Eastern edge.

It’s easy to miss the modest shop because of its dark wooden sign and subtle window lighting; but once inside, you’ll find the space filled with quaint and charming accent pieces inspired by the Far East. There is plenty of woodwork available, ranging from serving spoon sets for 110LE to a large and heavy decorative chair for 3000LE. While a few other large pieces are on display, including a tall CD shelf carved in the form of an elephant for 650LE, many of the pieces are much smaller.

Beaded pillow covers, tiny elephant-shaped incense burners and hanging ornaments are placed throughout the shop, making perfect housewarming gifts or charming accessories to brighten up your house with. However, the display tables are low and the shop is crowded, so make sure you look down; not only to spot a good find, but also to keep from stepping on anything.

A small selection of beaded jewellery hangs from the wall across the register. Most of the pieces are earrings and necklaces, ranging from 30LE to 65LE. The pieces are pretty, but nothing extraordinary. Similar key chains are available for about 35LE, but it is not these beaded pieces that make Moon Flower memorable; rather, it is the ornate boxes, bowls and statues.

Elephant enthusiasts will probably have a difficult time walking out of the shop without making a purchase. While many of the wooden elephant statues around Moon Flower vary in size and style, the most unique pieces include a wooden wall hanging in the shape of an elephant’s head and a marionette puppet embellished with colourful thread and sequins for 1250LE.

Moon Flower’s charm lies not only in its electiveness but also in its quality of wooden pieces. So, whether you’re looking to drop some serious cash or frugally add some flair to your home, you can find beautiful Far-Eastern-inspired pieces here.