Searching for the right gift can be stressful in Cairo, especially when you’re shopping for a child. As a leading toys and games retailer in Egypt, Fundays provides top-quality toys and helpful assistance in finding the suitable gift.

With more than ten branches throughout Cairo, Fundays continues to make all kinds of exciting, amusing and educational toys available for the young ones. It’s safe to say that a wide array of age groups can enjoy what the shop offers: fun, secure and quality toy products.

Filled with colourful boxes from floor to ceiling, Fundays is divided into seperate sections for boys and girls, shelves stocked with Barbie closets and doll houses on one side; race cars and space guns on the other. The salespeople are very helpful when it comes to the right item if it’s a gift. Each department is also organised according to age groups, which makes finding the appropriate toy all the more easier; be it for toddlers or for ten-year-olds.

Imported and high-quality items are reasonably priced: an action figure set containing at least five components of characters and plastic weapons costs 80LE, while a drivable convertible car with advanced driving options at the shop entrance costs 500LE. For the musically-inclined child, an electric guitar set with headphones and speaker costs around 300LE.

Fundays isn’t all about cuddly teddy bears and action toys, though. Cute little hair accessories for girls can be found for as little as 3LE; you can also find computer accessories such as headsets (90LE) and a computer mouse with Disney designs (80LE) for older children.

Fundays can be easily considered as a haven for kids; always well-stocked with every advertised toy of popular cartoon characters and fairytale princesses. Kids will definitely want to return here time and time again. With all those exciting interactive games and toys, who can blame them?