On Hassan Assem Street in Zamalek, an orange glow spills onto the street. A shop window is so filled with lanterns that at first glance, you’d think that’s all they sell here. However, customers who venture into Castle Art Gallery may be in for a surprise.

There is little to nothing about the newly opened shop that is reminiscent of an art gallery, so right off the bat we’re confused. They are decidedly not in the business of dealing art, or any artisan products. However, it is not just the misnomer that has us perplexed. The large collection of resin ash trays with figures of women in suggestive poses makes us wonder who their target customer is. Especially when juxtaposed with decorations that you would expect to find in a child’s room such as brightly coloured mobiles.

The collection of products that they sell seems to follow a Far Asian theme; offering souvenirs and trinkets made of wood, bamboo and plastic, and imported from China, India and Indonesia.

However, if you are in the market for home accessories and souvenirs that have little to do with Cairo, Castle Art Gallery is a good spot to find it. Shelves are nearly overflowing with knick-knacks and trinkets, mostly made of plastic and resin, such as various sizes of tribal face masks and small statues. Colourful resin coasters and decorative trays (90LE) are displayed next to a collection of wooden elephant figures in various sizes, as charming, egg-shaped glass lamps fill the room with multicoloured light. At the door entrance, quaint hanging strings of little elephants and other figures would make perfect decorations for a balcony or window, while photo albums (105LE) are wrapped in plastic to protect the twine and wood embellished covers.

Castle Art Gallery’s window display is definitely eye-catching: the window is cramped with lit star-shaped lanterns made of brightly coloured paper, which come in two sizes for 15LE and 35LE. Their bright colours and reasonable prices make these lanterns great for adding a fun touch to a child’s bedroom or for decorating a party.

If Castle Art Gallery pared down their selection to the fanciful lighting and some of the more quality trinkets, it could be a great shop. Still, take the time to browse through the shelves to find a few gems.