Entering the Khan El Khalili section in Citystars’ Phase 1 is a nice shift from the hustle and bustle of the Cairo mall. While it lacks the atmosphere of the original Islamic Cairo souk with its ever-crowded narrow aisles, this shopping area has a special character of its own.

The scent of incense mixed with the aroma from the nearby Arabian café’s shisha greets shoppers as they walk on the street-like tiled floor to the wooden medieval arches, numbered with street numbers and alley signs.

Among all the other shops that sell Egyptian traditional costumes, colourful fabrics and silver, one particular antique shop caught this reviewer’s eye. Troppo is a small-sized shop that can barely fit two people inside. Yet, it is stacked with little souvenirs; the floor is lined with little pyramids, the many shelves and tables are packed with oriental ornaments, and long chandeliers hang from the ceiling.

One of the many interesting shapes of wooden, ceramic or pottery statues is a package of Om Kolthoum’s miniature band statues (200LE) with the iconic singer’s figure dressed in her trademark clothing and black shades, and her famous band members behind her.

Other sculptures are Arabic, African or Pharaonic-themed. They vary in shapes and sizes from small lucky stones to African masks and Arabesque wooden wall decorations. Prices vary from just under 100LE to over 500LE.

Like most touristic shops, bargaining is the norm as prices are vastly overrated for the quality of the goods. Since there aren’t any fixed prices on the displayed items, it may depend on the seller’s mood and his estimation of how much you can pay. Luckily, Troppo offers some good bargain prices on items like handmade bead braces (between 10LE to 20LE) they even have little Tutankhamen mask as magnets that costs around 15LE each.

Troppo can be a great place to shop for souvenirs. If you’re not into antique shopping, browsing the displayed artefacts and taking the time to get into the traditional origins and symbolic meaning of each one can be a nice change from the everyday routine. There’s also a great chance that you’ll walk out with a token.