Located off Soliman Abaza Square in Mohandiseen, Logaine (pronounced ‘lojayn’ - as in Silver in Tunisian) is a scarf shop that is definitely worth checking out. Catering mainly to veiled women, this shop has a large selection of scarves and other fabrics. Browse through the shop, and you’ll find one or two items that can come in handy at quite affordable prices. Just ignore the heavy smell of air freshener and the staff’s incompetence; and you will be fine.

Logaine is stocked with scarves of different fabrics, colours and lengths that can be utilised in various ways from bandanas to sarongs; you are most likely to find what you want after a good scan through their merchandise. The items on display include funky lace scarves in different colours, warm woollen ones and faux prints with brand names such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci that actually don’t feel like cheap copycats as long as you choose the pieces properly. Other material include satin in all colours, very funky prints, floral prints and a kaleidoscope of prints such as paisley and polka-dot prints. You are also most likely to come across scarves that look very similar to ones in H&M or Massimo Dutti that are usually worn in a triangular shape with dangling tassels.

Among the items that were hard to miss are the scarves made out of the same material as the harem pants in shops like Carina. Not only are they super-soft; but they also come in a variety of colours and can be worn throughout winter and summer. One of the items that you can also use to your own advantage are the bandanas worn under the veil, that you can actually use as a proper bandana – also coming in a variety of colours.

The prices for all scarves start at 10LE and can go up to 75LE per piece, so it depends really on how much you are willing to splurge and what items you can come across. We also noticed a stack of amazing tricot woven scarves in different colours at 45LE per piece and very soft silk scarves in a variety of prints at 45LE per piece.

Logaine is definitely not the belle of the ball, but it is definitely worth checking out as you are most likely to stock on a variety of handpicked goodies.