Maybe it’s those creative juices or the sweet reminder of childhood; but there’s something about stationary shops that makes us weak in the knees. What makes it even better is when we run across a family-owned shop that provides that comfortable, homely feel that other establishments lack.

Located amidst the bustle of other art supply and stationery shops on Downtown Cairo’s Sherif Street next to Alwan and Samir & Ali, Dar Saeed is a family-owned stationery shop that’s been open for years. It’s easy to miss the shop’s humble entrance; so look for the Dar Saeed signage up top in rustic gold lettering.

Upon entering, you’re automatically greeted by the shop attendants and their friendly, yet no-frills attitude. Know what you want and they’ll be quick to find it for you. The shop’s interior space is small and a little cramped, so if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for; don’t hesitate to ask. The staff knows their stuff and will be quick to either find it for you or recommend another shop that will have the item on hand.

Dar Saeed doesn’t have a lot of painting materials on site but they do have some items that other shops in the Downtown area don’t carry. An elevated drawing board, which can be placed on a table or another surface, was priced at approximately 120LE. Coloured pencil lead in green along with other colours is a treasured find that Dar Saeed carries on a daily basis.

Single pencils, both coloured and regular, can be found on the cabinet near the shop’s entrance. Pencils in B, 2B, and 2 sell for 1LE each. Single coloured pencils cost 3LE apiece while a set of 24 Steidler coloured pencils costs 100LE.

Also on offer are single sheets of stationary paper as well as poster boards, pencil sacks, and various varnishes.

Dar Saeed is a great place to hit up when you’re in the Downtown area and looking for stationery items. Whether you’re searching for something personal or in the mood to make a little something for someone else, Dar Saeed will most likely have what you’re looking for.