As fun as parties can be, they can also be very exhausting. The days leading up to the party can be especially stressful for the host as well as the guest, who must bring a gift. And of course not just any gift; but a nice gift. After all, you don’t want it to end up in the recipient’s closet (or trashcan). Organising a party might be even worse because you have to take care of crucial matters such as organising the food and decorations. It would of course be awful if your party lacked essential decor like purple metallic balloons. If you want to make it easier on yourself, go to Party Perfect in Dokki. All kidding aside, if you really want purple metallic balloons, you can get them here.

Party Perfect specialises in party supplies and decorations. Balloon-wise, you can choose from dozens of colours and patterns. There are metallic balloons, as well as ones with hearts and other prints. You can choose from normal, large and extra large sizes for between 5LE to 8LE per balloon. There are also large balloons with slogans such as 'Happy Birthday', which sell for a painful 25LE. If you really want a really a unique balloon, though; try the cupcake or pie-shaped balloons (75LE).

The most exciting items in the shop are the piñatas, which can be customised into any shape you want. For those who don’t know, these are Mexican papier-mâché figures decorated and filled with candy. The idea is to hit the piñata with a stick while blindfolded, until it breaks and explodes with candy. Piñatas start at 150LE and can be filled with whatever sweets or chocolates you wish, and shaped to whatever you’d like: horse, airplane, heart; you name it, they can make it.

Aside from funky decorations, Party Perfect also offers gifts, including an extensive collection of gifts for newborns and toddlers. There are cute pacifiers, teddy bears and a collection of Chico toys.

For the more fashionable kids, you can purchase child-friendly eau de toilette, including Spiderman, Mickey Mouse and Disney princess fragrances for between 90LE and 125LE. Grown-ups who secretly still fancy Disney products can purchase a Disney mug (59LE) for their morning coffee.

There are also party poppers (25LE) and sparkles (10LE) to add a little zing to your festivities. And if you really can’t find a nice gift and don’t know how to say it with words, then opt for a greeting card, of which there are many diverse choices of. Happy partying Cairo!