Step inside virtually any Cairo apartment, and there is a strong likelihood that it will be furnished and decorated in the typical, classical Egyptian style: ornate, dark, and invoking a time in Egyptian history when the thing-du-jour was to adorn one’s home with fakes and replicas of French Renaissance-like house ware. The house will be questionably cluttered with crystals, fancy cushions and lampshades that a home in Victorian-era England could have had. Step inside one of Mit Rehan’s two entrances, though; and the style and design of its furniture and home accessories could not be more different.

Open since the mid-1990s, Mit Rehan is an upscale furniture and home accessories shop selling contemporary pieces that retain the Oriental/Middle Eastern style, but with a 21st century flare and elegance. Shereen Fahmy is both the owner and the designer responsible for almost every item in the shop, with the exception of accessories such as mirrors, trays and other wall ornaments, some of which are imported or are antiques. Fahmy blends Oriental/Middle Eastern themes into the simple silhouettes of her bed frames, couches, tables and more.

The designer also employs a myriad of colours in her designs – bold crimson reds, silver-blues, taupe, etc – using a plethora of materials such as velour, cotton and wood as well as bronze and glass. It’s fairly safe to say that there is something to satisfy almost every kind of taste at Mit Rehan. 

This kind of elegant, unique home accessories comes at a steep price. While the products available are beautiful and of a high quality, it is arguably overpriced; a small set of two mirrors with an iron frame sells for 6000LE; a framed nautical-inspired sketch costs 390LE and a large iron chandelier sells for 6000LE, while a simple silver coffee tray with a bit of detailing on the corners will cost you 1050LE.

Looking for an entire set for your bedroom or living room? Mit Rehan currently has a silver-blue living room set including a couch (9670LE), two single chairs (2215LE each), wood and glass coffee table (5000LE) and a set of two large, modern glass lamps (2400LE) patterned in a Greek/Mediterranean theme (geometric patterns against a soft silver-blue velour-style material).

Mit Rehan can customise orders for its clientele; the living room ensemble, for example, can be reupholstered with a different fabric, and the shop’s friendly sales person mentioned that custom-designed and built pieces are also an option. 

Classy, modern, and filled with one-of-a-kind creations, Mit Rehan has everything you'd need to outfit a home, albeit at a very high price.