There really is no place like home and that’s exactly why it’s so important to decorate your home as nicely as possible. As its name indicates, Megalight on Geziret El Arab Square in Mohandiseen specializes in lamps in addition to many other home accessories like candle sticks, photo frames, paintings and mirrors.

The shop is not that big but packed full of products, and the designs of most lamps are a bit dramatic. There are hanging lamps with copper coloured leaves and with the lightbulb functioning as a flower for instance. If this is too much for you, then there are simpler alternatives. These designs are not that elaborate and are mostly classic and basic. They do come with a hefty price tag, though: most table lamps cost between 1500LE and 2500LE. Standing and hanging lamps also start in this price region but can go up to 5000LE. If you want to decorate your house as a mini-Versailles then you can find your right lamps here because a lot of them are in the Louis XV style.

A collection of candle sticks (200LE) is on display, but their designs are quiet unusaul. A few photo frames are displayed and start at 125LE, which is pretty expensive for a basic photo frame. All the available mirrors are wall mirrors, including some designs shaped like the sun. Depending on the size, the mirrors are priced between 1850LE and 2900LE. There are also a few vases but they're over the top with a lot of fake gold incorporated in their designs. They start at around 2100LE a piece.

The shop is a bit more creative when it comes to its collection of funky looking serving plates and paintings. Most of the available paintings are huge and have modern, edgy designs for 1860LE and above. One of the nicest pieces has a white background with a variety of words printed on it in black and grey colours. Because of the playful use of the colours, it looks like some of the words are coming straight at you while others are hiding modestly in the background. There is also a black and white print of a woman in a street scene slightly resembling the Breakfast at Tiffany’s film poster.

The serving plates have retro designs with silver lining and either turquoise or orange cracked-designs inside. The cutlery that comes with the salad bowls is cute and has different coloured beads on the ends of the handles. The prices aren’t bad either with small bowls costing 160LE and the larger sizes reaching 315LE.

In the back of the shop, a small jewellery section is displayed on the counter. With prices ranging from 55LE to 75LE, these are the cheapest items in the shop. However, these bracelets are pretty standards, most of which carry charms like the evil eye or the kaf Fatma. A few key chains are also displayed for 55LE. The safe designs and modest price tags make the items suitable as gifts.

Megalight has especially interesting paintings and serving sets, but its lamps are outdated and extremely expensive. For such prices, this reviewer would prefer much funkier designs.