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Published On: 19/04/2010

Who hasn't spent hours shopping online, surfing through websites and cooing over that pair of Converse sneakers or just-out designer watch that will never land in Egypt? If you have the opportunity to shop abroad or order online, the outrageous amount you drop on shipping and the hassle of dealing with customs alone is enough to make you say forget it.

A new, exciting option has recently landed in Cairo and can be accessed directly at your fingertips, minus the screaming children, overly loud background music and jacked up prices which stream from virtually every store in the mega-mall of CityStars. provides a fresh platform for Egyptians to do what they love best: shopping and bargaining. And with its easy accessibility, provides the community with a shopping alternative to sitting in traffic for hours on end just to reach a shop clear across town to pick up that certain item that you've been dying for.

After a little browsing at, we found a few things worth mentioning. They offer a small but decently priced selection of textbooks, providing college students with a substitute to dropping a ridiculous amount of money on books that will most likely never be used again. Perfumes and fragrances are in abundance, along with computers and electronics, including computer programs that are nearly impossible to find in Egypt without the hefty price tag. If something more random is what you're looking for, or you really have the urge to purchase a Djeep lighter for 10LE instead of stopping by the closest kiosk, then head over to the 'Everything Else' section where everything is thrown that doesn't belong.

From its versatile payment exchange system, including both pay-on-delivery and credit card payments, to the availability of both brand new and used items, offers individuals a customized shopping method to suit their own, personal preference. The process is simple and the website is easy to navigate; providing even the least internet-savvy users with a no-frills and fairly quick shopping experience.

Unlike EBay, the selection of up-to-date, trendy items is a little disappointing; but considering that Egypt just launched, give it some time and keep checking back. Whether you're searching for something new or want to make a little dough off the old clothes and music collections that you have sitting around; is definitely worth checking out.



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