Toys R Us is known to many as the best source of kids’ games and toys in Cairo, and one look at the Citystars branch on the fourth floor of Phase 2 will tell you why. It's fairly easy to get lost in this large shop in the midst of Barbie dolls and original race cars. It might feel bigger when the sales assistants are nowhere to be seen; but they are helpful when they’re around and would help the customer with any questions.

Once you enter Toys R Us, you’ll find a small section for kids' clothing with a fitting room in the corner. There aren't that many items to choose from and a few price tags might be missing but most of the items are 100% soft cotton with light prints, including boys’ T-shirts (starting at 98LE), and a cute little red and black dress with a ladybug print (170LE).

The clothes section is nice, but this reviewer prefers Mothercare’s clothing collection. When it comes to Toys R Us, it's all about the toys. It's easy to be swept up into the fairy-like girls’ section of endless types of Barbies and cooking sets. The original Barbie starts at 70LE. There are also the other types of Barbie wannabes like Fulla and other plastic dolls that oddly retail higher at 100LE, next to a glittery magical wand (40LE) to complete the fairytale.

Little boys seem to be all about action figures that transform into alien shapes these days, and the shop has whatever they can possibly ask for, ranging from Spiderman plastic beach balls (10LE) to talking Transformers figures (65LE). Original CAT tractors and race cars the size of your palm start at around 500LE, or if your child really likes cars, you can get the Lightning McQueen life-sized bed for a whopping 3000LE.

The educational toys section has stuff that suits any age, even babies, with squishy animals that sing the alphabet. Crafty children can have fun with a simple bracelet maker set (100LE) or make their own favourite characters using a set of stencils and colourful clay.

From teddy bears and bedtime stories to bikes and nursery furniture and even electronics, Toys R Us is an essential source of games and gifts. It gives the impression that it’s more expensive than the average shop but this reviewer found that its prices don’t differ that much from its peers, and with high-quality material, Toys R Us gives you great value for your money.