Located on Triumph Square in Heliopolis, High Home is a small but brightly lit furniture shop. As you make your way down the few steps and small garden area at the entrance, you will be greeted with a small fanfare of music set off by the sensor at the door.

High Home specialises in all types of furniture and home accessories, the latter of which are all imported from the Philippines, Thailand, Kenya, Indonesia, Pakistan and India. With regards to the furniture, the shop customises pieces according to your specification at their workshop in Ain Shams. They have a range of catalogues that you can choose from, and you can bring your own catalogues, photos and ideas from which they can work off.

Open since 2005, the shop area is quite small, yet it packs a large range of different models showcasing the diverse accessories and furniture that High Home can manufacture.

The staff at High Home is talkative and friendly, and an attendant will be happy to stay close by as you browse through the displayed items.

The range of accessories is huge, and is best exemplified by the price range; the fact that you can spend anything between 50LE and 5000LE on one piece is testament to that. A one-piece wooden tableau with carvings sells for 3750LE, while wooden cat statuettes inlaid and grafted with metal sells for 50LE a piece. Other animal statuettes are available inlaid with copper. Another thing that High Home has in abundance is decorative wall prints and stickers.

One of the pieces of furniture that caught this reviewer’s eye was a large L-shaped couch upholstered with a velour-like material. It sells for a costly 10,000LE. The shop’s owner would be happy to recreate a similar couch to your size, material and price needs.

One thing that pleasantly surprised us is the quality of service at High Home. They aren’t just carpenters; they have a decorator’s eye. During a consultation, the staff will inquire about the interior of the room that the furniture is intended for. Although there‘s a budding interior decorator in all of us, it’s always nice to get a professional’s point of view.