The recently opened Mall of Arabia has brought some of the biggest shops and brands in Egypt to this side of town, instead of being exclusively located in Citystars in Heliopolis. Stradivarius is a prime example; as one of the most popular women’s wear shops in Citystars, it became one of the first big names to open in Mall of Arabia.

As expected, the shop’s neatness showcases its collections for the chic and modern clothes that they are. Prices here are not cheap, but they are far from being the most expensive. Stradivarius’s general style doesn’t differ too much to that of better known chains such as Bershka or Pull and Bear, but it more than holds its own against this competition. In this reviewer's opinion, it has a wider range of styles and sizes and it is also more modest in style and price.

The employees at Stradivarius generally mind their own business, and don’t try and play personal stylists like so many others. That doesn’t mean they’re too lax, though; feel free to ask for other sizes, and a staff member will happily check for you. You’re also free to walk in and out of the dressing room without the awkwardness of being asked by the attendant if the items were ok, and having to admit that you need a bigger size.

What’s great about Stradivarius is that it often has items that you might not find anywhere else in Cairo. For example, we found nice stirruped leggings (leggings with foot straps) in black and grey in large sizes for 169LE. The material was thicker than other leggings and would be suitable for the coming winter. Other items that caught this reviewer’s eye included a denim shirt (229LE). Overall, the shirts and blouses range from 90LE all the way up to 349LE.

A large range of t-shirts is available in both elaborate and simple designs, in short and long sleeves too. They range in price from 99LE to 299LE. This reviewer was particularly fond of the summer jackets. Available in several colours, the light and plain long-sleeved jackets all cost 99LE at the time of our visit.

As we mentioned, the prices here aren’t cheap, but this is the type of shop that you would occasionally buy something from anyway. Stradivarius is as much at the forefront of trends as any other chain in Cairo.