With a surplus of occasions that require that perfect dress, or those pair of trousers you must have because your life wouldn’t be the same without them, the average female living in Cairo has the same needs as any shopper around the world. Although some argue that shopping around here isn’t up to par in comparison to international standards, local shopping opportunities opening up left and right beg to differ.

Already filled with clusters of shopping boutiques, Zamalek’s newest addition to its full array of fashion hot spots is Euphoria. Open on Monday to Saturday from 11AM to 10PM and located at 19 Abul Feda Street, just before 15th of May bridge, this boutique’s sleek white exterior and chic wooden entrance intrigue and invite passers-by equally.

Originally located in Mohandiseen, Euphoria’s official Zamalek opening is intended to be in mid-January 2012, and the minor details that remain unfinished are undoubtedly due to that. However, despite some last-minute workings, the character of the space clearly speaks for itself. The fresh whiteness of the overall interior, the high ceilings crafted with indirect lighting, the minimal furniture and rich brown flooring exude the same finesse and elegance as the clothes.

With selected items by designer labels such as Christian Dior, Hervé Léger, La Petite Salope, Preen and Jo No Fui, owner Hanan El Shafie succeeds in creating an enticing and well-rounded collection. The overall style is young and edgy yet graceful. It has character, though in just the right amount. The items currently on display are last seasons’, while the new collection arrives with the grand opening in January. Whether you’re in the market for cocktail dresses, gowns, trousers, blazers, or other more casual wear; there is an endless amount of great pieces to choose from, especially with an 80% discount!

Dresses today can be found between 800LE to 1000LE, while trousers and bikinis cost between 350LE and 600LE. However, when the new season arrives prices will be back to normal; dresses may retail as high as 7000LE, trousers will cost about 1500LE and bikinis between 900LE and 1000LE.

Keeping in mind this is last season’s collection, a range of sizes are available; smaller ones in particular. This comes as a pleasant change from most boutiques that tend to carry larger sizes, or finish their smaller ones faster.

The boutique also carries a selection of accessories; handbags can be found among and within the clothing racks, while a jewellery section – with what seemed like the typical Zamalek boutique jewellery – is also located at the front of the shop in a semi-closed off area with windows overlooking the entrance’s patio. This reviewer was informed that both collections are old will be removed once the new collection arrives in a month.

While Euphoria’s taste is indeed impressive, and most alluring, one should generally not consider this boutique an option unless they are willing to give their bank account a little drain, or in some cases a full flush.

On the other hand, if an impeccably designed and superbly fitting item is sought out, Euphoria comes highly recommended.