We were ecstatic to discover that this renowned global body care brand had opened on the streets of Zamalek. The Body Shop has now graced this cosy neighbourhood with its presence, bringing us colourful and delicious ranges of makeup, body lotions, perfumes, massage oils and scents, along with a variety of accessories that loyal customers have been hanging onto for years.

As soon as you enter the small shop on 26th of July Street, you’ll be taken in by the fruity aromas filling up the place - a common trait of all Body Shop branches. On the right side, there’s the makeup section that includes all the necessary makeup tools for around 75LE, and makeup such as lipsticks, glosses, shadows and blushes for between 75LE and 200LE.

The Body Shop branch stocks Natrulift and Nutriganics day and night facial care range, which includes masks, firming serum, day and night creams for 120LE to 290LE. You can also pick up the Tea Tree and Vitamin E lines, which include facial wipes (70LE), blemish fade lotions and shower gels for between 70LE to 120LE.

The Body Shop’s ever-popular body care line consists of body butter, shower gels and lotions that come in scents such as sweet lemon, lychee blossom and grapefruit for between 60LE and 130LE. The same range is also available in bathroom soaps (30LE) and lip glosses (50LE). The store has also three different ranges of deodorant sticks (80LE) with refill bottles (65LE).

The Body Shop offers different lines of perfumes with matching body butters and lotions at 250LE, such as Love Etc, which is currently available at the Zamalek branch. There are also refreshing room and linen sprays in different scents (90LE) and diffusers with their respective oil scents (45LE).

Some of the accessories available on the side include exfoliating gloves (45LE) and body polisher towels (45LE). For hair, The Body Shop has a new hair care line of shampoos and conditioners called Rainforest, which uses oils and extracts such as white nettle and bilberry extract (60LE).

And for that relaxation and pampering time we all need; pick between the different jars of scrubs, lotions and shower gels from the Spa Wisdom line that combine different ingredients from across the globe (90LE to 235LE). And definitely don’t forget to grab an item from the famous peppermint cooling line for feet that includes gel, salts, lotions and a spray (between 60LE and 100LE).

Last but not least for the gentlemen, The Body Shop has a small but tempting men’s collection of aftershaves, shower gels, face washes, body lotions and deodorants such as white musk and kristna lines (between 80LE to 200LE).