If you’ve travelled to the US, then you’ve probably heard about American Eagle Outfitters. Their Broadway flagship store on Times Square is the place to go for your fifteen minutes of fame. They take your picture in the shop, and a few minutes later you appear larger than life on the billboard outside. Well, the Citystars branch unfortunately (or fortunately) doesn’t offer this option; but otherwise this new branch stays true to the brand’s formula.

American Eagle Outfitters is located almost next to H&M in the mall’s Phase 2. The basic concept of American Eagle is to provide quality goods at reasonable prices. Their trademark style is that of trendy yet comfortable clothing. The brand is famous for its diversity in lumberjack shirts, graphic designs shirts, sweaters and jeans. The shop decoration has an outdoorsy feeling because of its wooden floors and shelves. There is a lounge area in the middle with comfortable sofas. The men’s area is on the left and the women’s section where we started off our shopping spree is on the right.

At the time of our visit, the shop had just opened up and there were lots of offers. For instance, there was a two-for-139LE deal on shirts in the women’s sections. There were lots of shirts to choose from: long-sleeved, short-sleeved, printed or plain. Normally, shirts cost between 100LE and 200LE. The designs are very diverse. The print shirts usually have the brand’s name, an eagle, a number, or the City of New York on them. The well-known lumberjack blouses (279LE) are available in every colour of the rainbow. The comfy jumpers cost 299LE and the hoodies cost 279LE. Dresses cost around 300LE.

The jeans section is also interesting with different styles and designs, including regular jeans (399LE) and skinny jeans (429LE). There is also a wide variety of jeggings for 399LE. American Eagle also has the Aerie line, which specialises in underwear and lounge wear. At the time of our visit, there was a deal of 219LE for seven pieces of underwear, while sweat pants cost 239LE. Close to the cash register is a section with socks (49LE), belts (105LE) and a variety of jewellery. Most of the jewellery costs between 100LE and 150LE.

The men’s section is a bit smaller than the women’s section but no less interesting. For all of you guys out there looking for glow in the dark boxers, you can buy them here for 89LE. Most of the men’s jeans cost between 400LE and 500LE. The shirts are of very good quality and cost only 279LE. Most of them have the lumberjack print design but there are some plain ones as well. Corduroy trousers cost 275LE, while t-shirts cost between 100LE and 200LE depending on the design.

American Eagle Outfitters is the perfect place to shop when you are looking for quality clothing with a sporty yet neat design. The staff is very nice, relaxed and helpful; they welcome you with a smile and treat you more like a shopping buddy than a customer.