Cairo isn’t a cheap place to shop by any stretch of the imagination, but for all the expensive shops that hold us shopaholics for ransom, there are much more moderately priced alternatives like Much More, which offers a nice collection of accessories and gifts under one pink roof.

Much More is likely to be popular among young girls giving the variety of colourful, plastic accessories and glittery party supplies. The shop stocks shiny party masks for 20LE and the famous Minnie Mouse ears hair band for 36LE, as well as a collection of furry bunny slippers in small sizes that range in theme characters from Mickey Mouse to SpongeBob for 25LE a pair.

The silver and golden accessories section takes up three walls of the shop, mostly in the shape of long, classic necklaces with traditional heart or abstract-shaped charms. Their prices range around 25LE but they usually have a buy-one-get-one-free offer, so they end up retailing for far less. That being said, the accessories aren’t exactly of the best quality.

You’d better stay away from the so-called grown-up accessories anyway; you can find better options at other shops, whereas plastic accessories are what Much More does best. Though they might come off as a little overpriced, you can choose from several size-adjustable plastic rings, each for 10LE. They feature some creative rings like the chocolate donut, or the cute big-eyed Koala bear. For 20LE, you can get a matching set of a multicoloured necklace, a bracelet and earrings.

If you don't fancy accessories as gifts, Much More has a group of puppets and stuffed cartoon characters including Buzz Lightyear, Batman and a couple of Smurfs that range between 40LE and 50LE for the medium-sized ones. Another suitable gift idea would be the small fabric wallet that looks durable and functional with busy prints and decorations (25LE), or the maybe one of the revolution-themed key chains (each for 10LE) decorated with a popular chant or with the Egyptian flag.

Genena Mall isn't short on gift shops, and let's face it; Much More doesn't really offer much more than the average gift shop. However, it presents a market for young girls’ accessories that aren't as expensive as they sometimes are in big brands' accessory shops.