As you walk through the entertaining shop-packed Mansour Mohamed Street in Zamalek where Home & Beyond, Altay, Fostok and more shops lie, you will definitely stop and walk into Bonita. Situated beside its competitor Fostok, Bonita is a cosy, clean and cute pyjama and lingerie store bearing a small yet nice variety of pyjama sets, loungewear, sportswear, lingerie and bathrobes and towels.

Bonita has a relaxing display of different sets at its window and a neatly stacked yet cosy set up for the merchandise within the store. There are a variety of pyjamas with cute cartoonish drawings; the unfortunately typical cheesy lines and plain ones for the simple couch potatoes among you. The fabrics, however, are great; soft, comfortable and washing machine friendly – similarly close to the ones you would find at the very cool Pink Powder Room. They also have comfortable cotton trousers in a variety of colours that could work for sports or just lounging around at home for approximately 150LE. Plain cotton tops that come in full, half and sleeveless cuts are also available for 140LE. The pyjama sets may seem a bit pricy as they come at 339LE in different designs and patterns (plain, striped, chequered, patterns) but they are definitely worth every penny for the quality you are getting. If you feel like going all out, there’s a sexy selection of long silk and lace nightgowns ranging between 300LE and 325LE. One thing this reviewer liked and saw that stood out are the very comfortable looking velvety knee length nightgowns in purple, beige and black for approximately 229LE.

As with some shops, there’s a corner that spoils the mood which was the cheap looking selection of lingerie that included a small range in material like the under tops you would get at Carina ranging between 50LE and 150LE, but we’re sure some would find that useful! Bonita also has a lingerie and underwear section that has the plain, cupped cuts that you’d find in La Senza but for a good price; the whole set is for 150LE. For those who crave something with a twist, they have bras with coloured studs for 200LE. There are also patterned and lacy ranges for 150LEto 200LE.

Bonita’s towel sets make for a very practical and thoughtful present and the material is great. Sets of blues, whites and yellows come in different sizes with the small one at 50LEand the larger one for 100LE. They also have a nice knee length bathrobe section in relaxing hues and good quality at 239LE.

And don’t forget to pick up a little pouch of wardrobe freshener from their selection (a mixture of crushed soap and potpourri) at the cashier as they smell great and are only 29LE!