Among the plethora of shops standing on both sides of Nasr City's infamously crowded Abbas El Akkad Street is Perto; a shoes shop that offers ladies’ mediocre-quality footwear at affordable prices.

Once you step inside the shop, you find yourself in a hallway-like space crammed with shoes and handbags from floor to ceiling. The space then expands into a wider area with a few seats in the middle. Although the shop is dimly-lit, its glass displays allow a lot of sunlight in. The fixtures and shelves are wobbly, which made us wary when approaching them.

The sales attendants are helpful enough to ask you once about your needs and if you politely dismiss them, they will go on to carefully watch your every move around the shop.

Perto carries all the sorts of shoes that you could possibly need. Ballet flats are available in abundance, in a variety of colours and designs; glittery ballet flats are available in silver and gold as well as pink, black, blue and green (85LE). Simple ballet flats with a bow are available in basic colours like black, brown, navy blue and grey.

The shop also stocks items like pleather loafers and satin evening clutches with metal embellishments. You can also find high-heeled gladiator sandals and patent leather wedges in colours like fuchsia, turquoise and black.

The shop's collection of evening sandals is remarkable; they're available in all the colours that you could possibly need. Sandals in colours like silver, gold, black and brown are found in abundance, embellished with faux jewels. Satin evening sandals also come in colours like red, purple, pink and white. However, the white satin sandals looked extremely cheap, although they are priced at 100LE. A glittery pair of golden pumps is priced at 100LE.

Perto's handbag collection is not exactly limited but tends to stick to patent leather and lizard prints. Leopard print handbags are also available in browns and greys, starting at 140LE. Fake Louis Vuitton monogram bags are also on offer for 145LE. There are also silver and golden purses, while patent purple lizard print purses are available for 140LE.

Perto has a small collection of kids’ footwear stacked at the back of the shop; it offers faux leather belts in greys, blacks and browns, starting at 70LE. You can also find travel bags strewn around the shop.

Perto's collection of footwear and handbags isn't the best the city has to offer nor the most affordable, but if you happen to be shopping in Abbas El Akkad St., why not pop in anyway?