As if women’s shops in Mohandiseen weren’t already enough! Regardless of their abundance, another one has opened. Bearing a rather intriguing name, we decided to step in to see for ourselves whether the shop has the Arabian theme which its name implies.

From the display window, there’s a lot of anticipation to what the shop holds. You feel as though you might empty out your wallet from the seemingly impressive variety of merchandise. Nevertheless, take a closer look and you might find yourself disappointed.

Floral beach sandals and flip-flops are found to your right once inside, with price tags of an average of 75LE. Not a bad price for decent footwear, but we found the motifs to be a bit excessive and the colours also go a little too far.

To the left there is the more classic collection of sandals which includes basic-coloured gladiators and wedges - mostly high-heeled. The wedges come in all colours, styles and at affordable prices. The wedges’ beach collection however is the most appealing. High-heeled gladiator sandals were also quite enticing; the styles are very up-to-date and the quality quite good.

Their ballerina collection could easily be split into two categories. There are the simple, basic-coloured leather ones which are practical for everyday use and then the glittery, brightly-coloured ones with embellishments. Tacky is the best way to describe both their style and quality.

When it comes to the bags, we must admit we had mixed feelings. Small, across-the-shoulder bags were the first collection that caught our eye. The bags come in black as well as different shades of brown that range from 60LE to 70LE. They look good at a distance, but after more of a thorough inspection we discovered that the finishing wasn’t great.

While most of the bags are quite pretty, they don’t appear to be the least bit durable. Larger bags are a bit higher in price, some reaching 170LE. Not all the bags are of the same tawdry quality, yet none are exactly impressive in quality either.

However, what we did like about Yashmak most was their Arabian corner. Clutches bearing Arabic calligraphy come in different colours, as well as leather ones decorated with oriental ornaments; though we must say that they were a bit over-priced at 120LE. The same Arabian-calligraphy clutches can be found elsewhere at almost half the price!

Overall, we found Yashmak to be an affordable shop with a good, however not impressive, shoe and bag collection.