Quickly becoming a household name for a funkier, more modern look, Eklego recently launched their Heliopolis outlet.

A large window display showcases their latest collection, which is inspired by Egyptian styles and designs such as upholstery and curtain fabrics with the lotus flower, papyrus flower and Egyptian cotton plant. While colourful and adventurous, they seem more suitable for an outdoor space or a summer home.

Unlike the Zamalek shop, accessories are scattered around and tucked away in the second half of the shop. Although seemingly small, the shop is actually quite a large L-shape with at least three to four separate living room sets on display. Although the layout of the shop is less homely, it’s definitely easier to see the variety of items on display.

Colourful carafes and funky accessories can be found as one goes deeper into the shop. One of our favourite items was a toilet paper holder and magazine rack in one, tucked away in a corner bedroom display.

Their collection of towels by Aya, and linens by Malaika include duvets, duvet covers, travel bags, blankets, colourful table runners and summer throws. The linen section also included baby cot sheets and covers as well as travel bags and bikini bags for the meticulous.

The shop also has a corner that carries Floors & More products, which include a selection of massive wood flooring and colourful cement floor tiles.

A selection of artistically bold prints on canvas was especially eye-catching. We learned that the prints were taken from a magazine called Bent El Nil; launched as part of the women’s rights uprising in the 1950s.

For those seeking a more contemporary look, a display of ornate light fixtures hangs near the entrance, including a line of silver-plated fixtures by Maha Gharabawy (6,000LE and up). The collection also includes cloth fixtures by Eklego in a variety of sizes, as well as a few varieties with Islamic designs. A colourful dangling spiral fixture makes a perfect corner-piece and will cost you 7,500LE.

The collection also includes a selection of wool and silk combination Syrian-style rugs as well as the latest Drumstick mid-century collection inspired by designs from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s in Egypt.

Dining tables and chairs, bedroom sets, and living sets are all on display in a variety of colours – though the style remains simple and sharp.

Although we were told that the collection is the same as other outlets, we felt that the layout was more contemporary; their modern, minimalistic look is maintained, but a more diverse selection of items are visible.