There’s no denying that the Cairo shopping scene has recently experienced an upsurge in the antique and furniture market, to the extent where it has almost become standard to find an antique shop just around the next corner from wherever you are. This increased popularity is mainly centred in the Zamalek and Maadi areas, and since Theodor’s is one of the more popular names in the business, we decided to check it out.

Tucked away in a secluded residential area of Maadi, the shop is shaded by a striped canopy; the shade is certainly a welcome sight in this season’s glaring sun. The shop’s expansive sign and bright blue exterior are eye catching, being the only burst of colour in otherwise bland surroundings. The shop’s display window also offers some colour with a collection of vibrant tables, as well as chairs that are deep and rich brown – the items are enticing and likely to draw people in to check out what else the shop has to offer.

The shop’s interior, although pleasantly air conditioned, is quite small and cramped. A couple of oldies were softly blasting from the speakers at the time of our visit, instantly transporting you back to the 70’s.

Most of the shop’s space is taken up by a gorgeous Victorian dining table made of white oak (12,000LE). A large four-poster bed takes up one corner of the shop, laden with an array of linen goods and an assortment of vintage bedroom necessities. A huge boudoir takes up another side of the shop, with a large mirror inlay and a variety of antique portraits lining its dark, hued surface (10,000LE).

One of the most curious things about this shop is the lack of any professional assistance; most of the shop’s products were not priced and with no one to ask for guidance, it was kind of a hassle. However, the merchandise that was priced was quite exquisite. A set of old, engraved glass goblets amounts to 850LE, while a China tea set with Chinese engravings and pictograms is priced at 1250LE.

Some people might find that the prices are far too expensive for the products on display, but seeing as they are considered antiques, they are expected to fall within these price ranges.

Overall, the shop was a pleasant enough experience and the merchandise is certain to pique the interest of an interior decorator or newlyweds who have a taste for the antiques.