Sometimes, the minute you enter a store, you feel like you’re in a wonderland of lovely and beautiful things. You look around from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, with eyes wide open and a huge smile on your face; noticing intricate details in the fabulous selections.

With its new location on 26th of July Street in Zamalek, Tao Gallery is one of those places. The display may fuel you with inspiration and creativity as soon as you walk in the door; so be prepared to browse for awhile. While there is a lot to look at, there isn’t a single thing that should be missed.

The store is filled to the brim with various nick-nacks and fun gift ideas; all reasonably priced and delightfully quirky. Decoupage coasters are hand painted with a design or photograph gracing the front side. Down the hall, the hammered silver mirrors and bowls caught our eye with their modern yet authentic quality.

However, there was one shelf in particular that had us squealing for joy when we realized what it contained. These earthy journals (50LE) could possibly stop any writer from wanting to buy a Moleskin notebook ever again. They’re hand-woven and made of animal skin, bound by a tied string and finished with an intricate design on their covers. Made from the same material and design, satchels (40LE) are a great option for a special gift.

Upstairs, local jewellery is sold, in addition to a few clothing items and funky candle holders. At first glance, the candle holders looked like miniature artistic sculptures until we looked closer and saw their sensible function. The handmade and original taper-candle holders are finely textured and finished off with a simple bead or two. Although one holder costs a hefty 140LE, its unique style would add some flair to a bedside table or reading area.

Scarves, hand-painted lamp shades and local artwork are among many of the other items gracing Tao’s shelves and tables. Wander around Tao Gallery just for a bit and you’ll soon be wondering why you haven’t discovered this enchanting little place before.

Tao also offers artistic workshops from time to time. For more information, contact: