Once upon a time, over five years ago, Virgin Megastore was the first flagship store to operate in City Stars. This was way back, even before Spinney’s and Casper & Gambini. Virgin megastores took root in virgin territory, and ever since then, the store has been the Nr.1 venue for all things multimedia.

The store is roughly divided up into six sectors: books, consumer electronics, audio CDs, DVDs, Gaming and toys. Even so, the title megastore conjures up images of a sprawling estate, packed to the rafters with all manners of products and a veritable black hole for your monthly salary. Sadly, the reality is that Virgin occupies a space almost the same size as Zara on the same floor, and both are way smaller than Spinney’s. An efficient male shopper can tackle a brisk swim through the aisles in less than five minutes.

However, Zara doesn’t have a great selection of humorous graphic Tees and Spinney’s doesn’t have the hardcover edition of Larousse Gastronomique; so what’s in a space? Virgin, it would seem, is perfect for targeted shopping; procuring Paulo Coelho’s latest mental flatulence, grabbing DVD box sets, picking up more iPod accessories– or indeed an iPod itself.

The books section is remarkably large, and in fact seems to be one of their best performing sectors. The cooking section alone is worth a weekly pilgrimage (to those who are so inclined) and they also have a healthy selection of self-help books with titles like How To Kick Your Addictions…NOW!, et cetera, et cetera. For the aurally inclined, there are CDs– after all, Virgin does have its own music label– ranging from Arabic pop down to ska and punk. Right next to the CD section is the Apple corner, where you can find the latest iPods and Mac books (no iPads yet, sadly) with their accessories.

Almost every item in the toys/tees section is exclusive to Virgin Megastores. Nerf guns, Simpsons t-shirts and other little trinkets will bring out the child in any greying man. A catty corner away, there is an entire wall dedicated to the addiction that is video gaming. This is the place to be if you want to pick up that new Warbeast guitar for your PS3 Guitar Hero. If there ever was a time to take ’two princes‘ literally, then that time would be now. Right behind the toys section is a field of DVDs, Arabic and English alike, as well as along the columns holding the store up. Say what you will about DVDs as a physical media; at least in Virgin Megastores, you will be spoilt for choice.

For a store that seeks to be the jack of all trades, one would worry that it would end up as the master of none. But not so with Virgin; in City Stars, unless you’re shopping for underwear, all roads lead to Virgin.