City Stars is arguably the shopping centre of Cairo. This mini-metropolis is often cited as the place to go to for most, if not all of your shopping needs. However, one area has been lacking: casual and affordable men’s fashion. We’re not saying that there is zero men’s fashion– we’re just saying that most of it is not casual and/or not affordable– something along the lines of Banana Republic, J.Crew or Eddie Bauer would be nice. Massimo Dutti fills a fraction of this gap nicely, although not with the American preppy style of J.Crew.

Buying men’s clothes is always a gamble: too fashion forward and you may not be able to pull it off; too cheap and the quality suffers. The fashion styles at Massimo Dutti range from the regular polo shirts and khaki pants to conservatively patterned suits and suit separates. To reiterate, the Italian fastidiousness and unique slimming style is constant throughout all items. Sadly, not all of us have the figure to pull it off; pot bellies are not welcome. Nonetheless, Massimo Dutti should be a stopping point on your way to reinvent your wardrobe, and it’s almost a certainty that there will be something to catch your eye.

This review would not be complete unless we mentioned that Massimo Dutti also has women’s wear. A couple of visits with fashion-conscious female friends revealed articles that look great on the mannequin, but not so much on real humans. The accessories (scarves, bags) were universally praised; so once again, you’ll be certain to walk out with something

The sales staff are friendly enough– when you can find them. Unfortunately, the tradition of having fashion-ignorant staff continues; and they will probably not be able to help you make a choice if you’re shopping solo. A silk scarf was purchased for 250LE, while a pair of olive drab men’s trousers retailed for 550LE. Both were quality items and well worth the price, while an attractive-looking leather and canvas bag (1000LE) failed to impress at closer inspection; and it was barely worth half the price tag.

All in all, Massimo Dutti isn’t a place that you’d buy an entire wardrobe from; but you would certainly be remiss not to buy one or two special items to add some flair and sophistication to your daily garb.