The famous camel logo polo shirt is now 35-years-old, and it's what Mobaco has built its brand on; specialising in shirts made from the finest Egyptian cotton fibres. They now produce a full line of clothing made from cotton, cashmere, silk and worsted wool. Starting with only a dozen employees in a small factory, Mobaco now has over 30 stores in Egypt.

The store's Zamalek branch in the Cairo Marriott Hotel is marked with the sign New Man, a French brand that is distributed by Mobaco in Egypt. The store is tiny but still stocks enough of a variety to get an idea of their style, and buy something on the go. On the cheaper side, classic white trousers and linen trousers cost 170LE, while the brand's classic polo shirt sells for 100LE, and its fitted version sells for 120LE.

On the more expensive side, several items hit 290LE upwards, such as the office suits, which start at 350LE by the piece, and silk shirts start around 300LE. Cuts are classic and basic and not exactly fashionable, although a few variations in pattern, colour and fabric are eye-catching, but not necessarily appealing to wear.

The store even stocks loungewear, including shorts and jogging trousers, but the items' cuts and shapes were too sloppy for us to care about the price. On the other hand, we did find an adorably floppy white beach hat for 90LE. There’s also a kids' section, and a large section for men that is well-stocked with dozens of button shirts in every colour and style, and tons of khaki trousers to match.

Prices are surprisingly affordable if you stick to the basics, though the quality is only okay when compared to international polo shirt brands like Lacoste and Ralph Lauren. However, Mobaco’s prices being one eighth of what one would pay at either of the other stores make this store a cheap and interesting local alternative. And the relaxed service is much appreciated.