We’re sure it’s happened to you before in Cairo. You spot a cute pair of shoes in a store window, ask about the price and then proceed to cry a little. 'Why is everything so expensive?' you might ask yourself in frustration. Well dear readers, fret not; we’d like to introduce you to a small store called Shoe Express.

This store is located in Golf City Mall in Obour City, which, by the way, is a saviour for anyone living as far out of central Cairo as in El Shorouk and other suburbs. Groceries, restaurants, coffee shops and shopping are all a short distance away, which means no more sitting in your car inhaling the sweet scent of truck exhaust on Suez or Ismailia road.

Shoe Express opened last April and offers a selection of both casual and semi-formal shoes for females, males and children with sizes ranging from 35 to 42, 39 to 46 and 17 to 36 respectively. It also has a decently sized section for accessories and bags. Granted, you won’t find anything reminiscent of Balmain’s to-die-for studded crystal sandals here, nor anything super trendy, but what you willfind is a great deal on casual shoes and maybe some respectable looking heels if you have a discerning eye.

On the other hand, consistency in the quality of products is not to be found here. Shoddily-finished shoes sit next to others that are quite the bang for your buck; leading us to believe that a little extra time spent browsing through the racks may yield quite the gem for your money’s worth.

Pretty much everything here is priced between 80LE and 350LE, with quite a variety of designs, materials, styles and colours as well. Expect to pay about 175LE for heels, 100LE for flats and 125LE for flip flops. Men can pay 269LE for a pair of Oxfords. This is the perfect shop for people who don’t want to break the bank for a pair of shoes to use and abuse.