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Cairo 360 Guide to Puppy Shopping
Cairo 360 Guide to Puppy Shopping
Published On: 24/07/2010

Over the last few years, it seems that puppies have popped up everywhere in the Capital. It looks like canines are truly the new toy in town, and hence attached to the wrists of more and more hip Cairenes. Be it a fluffy and oh-so-adorable golden retriever or a gruff little pit-bull pup, they have apparently taken over the sidewalks.

As with most worthy endeavours, social networking and word of mouth is honestly the best way to get good, well priced merchandise– and dogs have proven to be no exception.

To begin with, make sure all your word-of-mouth– i.e. Facebook– bases are covered by joining the following groups: Vom Deutschland- Kingdom of Dogs, Dog Market in Egypt, Dogs for Sell, as well as the similarly titled Dogs for Sale, Proper Pitbull Breeding in Egy, American Staffordshire Terrier Egypt and Great Danes in Egypt.

Pet-store pups are often a little sickly and might need some cheering up from their caged sojourn– but if you’d like to see what puppies are on offer; Maadi, Zamalek and areas of Heliopolis have many pet stores to choose from.

Maadi leads as the pet hot spot: visit Road 233 for Cuddles Pet Shop (26 Rd. 233, New Maadi; 25165280; 0122695637), Pet House (12 Road 233; 25162705) or Advance Care Vet Clinic for some canine health consultation (Rd 199, 6G, 2754426702). Heliopolis pet stores include Top Animals (4 El Maaly Street, Heliopolis; 0105841423; 0144028484). A few enterprises such as Tharwat Birds Fair (21 Abdel Khaleq Tharwat St; 23932204) can also be found Downtown by the old AUC campus, but these are not the cleanest of animals; so beware and always check that they’ve had their shots and certificates before you purchase.

As most canine enthusiasts will attest, those in the puppy market must be careful to pick the right pup for your lifestyle and character. Here’s a personality breakdown for you dog-owner hopefuls:

For the He-Man: Pit bulls, Rottweilers and such toughies are fun and friendly rascals as puppies, but without proper training and exercise they can be become dangerous and out of control. Be sure to consider how much time you’ll be able to devote to these guys when the clumsy ball of fur has turned into a guard-dog ball of fury. These are popular guard dogs; especially for those who reside in quiet Cairo outskirt neighbourhoods.

For the Softie: Sometimes labelled a cliché, golden retrievers and labs are truly the friendliest ‘people dogs'. They deal well with children, respond well to training and make lovely, albeit sometimes slobbery, pets. A classic and friendly breed, we’ve been spotting more and more of these on the arms of urbanites.

For the Hyperactive: Dalmatians were once the rage, perhaps thanks to the ubiquitous Disney cartoon-turned-film from our childhoods. Rumour has it they are not ideal pets; but try your luck if your ‘man's best friend’ has to come with polka dots. These large lean beasts need plenty of room to run and jump, and so work best with large lawns, unless you are a very committed dog walker.

For Those Who Just Have to be Different: If you’ve always wanted something like a lion, there is always the chow chow. This is a coppery red dog, medium sized with lion like faces, full tails and bluish tongues, certainly an exotic hound. Importing one here may be difficult, but they reportedly make excellent and obedient companions. Note that the summer heat is a bit much for these very fluffy pups, so make sure they have a place well equipped with fans and A/C.

For Your Gucci Dog-Carrier: Little dogs are often favourites for city dwellers– best suited for ladies wishing to imitate the Paris-Chihuahua accessory– so consider fluff-ball poodles, pugs or some cross-breed cutie. Puggles (pug-beagle hybrids) are hard to find in Egypt , but they come highly recommended for an adorable little companion.

Prices for puppies vary hugely, with most purebreds starting at around 1000LE. It’s best to seek professional advice for training and upkeep from the vets and experts listed above, so make sure to take the times to try these once you have your pup in residence. After all the hard work is done, you and your new best friend can hit the park, and let the adventures begin.



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