Hidden on a sublevel on a quiet side street in Maadi Degla, Catacomb is a small, cozy and eclectic shop full of Egyptian-made products. Whether you’re looking to accessorise your room or add to your jewellery collection, Catacomb might actually have just what interests you, and it’s all handmade!

Catacomb has quite an extensive and diverse selection to choose from, with items that vary from vintage to modern art. Teenage girls may enjoy the different jewellery styles that are made of silver, coloured glass and all kinds of coloured semi precious stones that resemble Indian jewellery, while adults will appreciate the wooden trays and mosaic tables.

The shop is not only managed by one person; there are a few partners. Catacomb works with 150 different artists, some of which are well-known artists and others are aspiring. They also work with NGOs and schools from Fayoum. Items on display include handmade shawls by Rasha Gawad from Asyut, who mainly focuses on Egyptian textures, patterns and calligraphy. For more info on her work, check out her Facebook group.

The shop in itself is a small basement. Paintings are hung up on the walls as you make your way down the stairs. Dim lighting and warm-coloured walls give the interior a very welcoming feeling. Inside, there’s a variety of wooden furniture, including chairs, tables, drawers and couches. The designs are versatile; they vary from Islamic to Indian styles.

As you browse around, your eyes will fall on calligraphy-designed cloth, coloured glass, moulded statues and a full stand of natural artefacts, such as: handmade luffas, massaging oils and tools, and other scented oils. You can find Egyptian pop culture references on coasters, trays and jewellery boxes. There are Souad Hosni imprints on some, while others have prints of movie scenes from the 60s.

Jewellery varies from long necklaces and rings with carved text, which are simple yet rich in substance, to more expensive jewellery made of real stones. You will also find leather key chains, bags and little small pockets for coins and other small accessories in African and Bedouin styles.

There are all different kinds of oriental chandeliers: plain ones with designed holes that seep the light through onto the ceiling; hanging chandeliers with dangling coloured glass; and every other design you can imagine.

Prices vary to make things affordable for everyone. There are colourful and designed glasses for as little as 1LE, while jewellery varies from 33LE to about 400LE, paintings start at 50LE and trays sell for 100LE upwards. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the design and the material.

So whether it’s jewellery, furniture, natural products, candles, or home accessories, Catacomb is definitely a place to check out. This can be a great place to visit when you want to buy a house gift for a friend or a birthday gift for your mother. You will definitely find something to your liking.