Gear up, Cairene shoppers, it’s time to hit the stores and restyle your summer wardrobe. With the summer collections promptly hitting the racks, we’re personally spring cleaning our old worn out garments and getting our eyes and hands on new ones.

Having been around at New Cairo’s favourite shopping spot for a while, Suiteblanco seemed like a good starting point for us to put together some new outfits. Located on the third floor of the mall, the store is brightly lit and appropriately sized- neither too spacious nor too constricting.

On a general note, we found the summer collection to be equal parts trendy and comfortable with practical pieces here and there. The general theme seemed to be circling around light pastel colours with a few bright pieces for those wanting daring items that are a little more out there.

Dedicating a whole section to denim, Suiteblanco offers an abundance of different fits and shapes when it comes to jeans. We spotted a slew of jeggings that come in varying shades (229LE), as well as ripped boyfriend jeans (329LE).

Softly knitted light tops are also some of the signature items in the collection, our favourites being a white cut-out top (229LE) and a cream-coloured crochet Kimono (359LE). A brightly coloured floral knee-length dress (329LE) also caught our eyes.

Towards the inner side of the store is the accessories display, boasting various shoes and handbags. Generally, the accessories department failed to impress, with most items being of mediocre quality and unimpressive designs. We spotted flat floral crochet ballerina shoes (199LE), pastel coloured high-heeled sandals (359LE) and a classic black and beige handbag (299LE).

All throughout our visit, the staff kept their distance, allowing us to freely roam around the store. When needed, however, they immediately came by to assist.

All in all, what Suiteblanco lacks in terms of quality and design in the accessories department, it sure makes up for with the fresh cuts and designs of its clothing items. We’d definitely recommend it for those looking for practical yet easy on the eyes clothing that won’t break the bank.