Instagram-based stores are spreading like wild fire and changing with them the whole online shopping experience. From imported, as well as locally designed, clothes, shoes and handbags to accessories and makeup, one can almost do all their shopping on one of the busiest social media platforms today.

Gypsy Gems, owned by Heba and Alia Emad, sisters and young entrepreneurs, sells unconventional jewellery that is mostly silver-plated and features natural gemstones. From bullet-shaped pendants to quirky rings and chokers, Gypsy Gems offers all kinds of pretty, non-mainstream accessories. The store came about as a personal project and it reflects the sisters' love for boho accessories.

Our favourites of those offered included the Galaxy Crescent necklace (140LE), the Opal ring (120LE), the Geode Stone necklace (160LE) and the Titanium Dipped Quartz necklace (80LE), as well as the colourful bullet pendants (130-150LE).

We opted for the Sandstone pendant (150LE) and placed our order through direct messaging the account. You can either have your ordered delivered within a day or two by paying an extra 30LE or pick up your order in an agreed upon spot. We managed to make an arrangement with them and picked up our necklace a couple of days later.

Our necklace looked pretty much exactly like the picture, with the sandstone pendant being a glorious black-purple colour with tiny glittery particles. The necklace, itself, was a little shorter than expected but still a flattering length all the same.

All in all, we thought Gypsy Gems' take on jewellery to be quite refreshing, as well as their service to be top notch. The prices are also quite affordable, given the fact that the jewels used are mainly natural stones.