It’s quite standard in Egypt to find shops everywhere selling fresh and flavourful nuts at seriously low prices. Amongst the variety of delicious and cheap street food found around Cairo are inconspicuous nut shops, bursting with freshly shelled nuts of all kinds piled high behind glass counters.

On Nubar Street in Bab El Louk next door to El Shabrawy’s, this little nut shop is one of our favourite stopping points in the area. While at first glance it looks like your typical stop-and-go place for sunflower seeds, if you look a little closer; you’ll discover they have more to offer. From the traditional pumpkin seeds to little white candies, finding something for each, individual palette doesn’t take much.

While the salted peanuts are usually subpar for only 8LE for a quarter kilo, the cashews are beyond heavenly; perfectly crunchy, salty and bursting with flavour. They’re delicious on their own but also pair well with yogurt, and make a nice addition to a green salad. Not only are fresh cashews a rare find, but compared to the cost and value at your local grocery store; they’re definitely some of the best. For 1/4 kilo, you’ll pay a mere 16LE.

If you’re looking for something a little more decadent and snack-worthy, the chocolate-covered peanuts are addictive. Running along the same quarter-kilo scale, they cost around 12LE. Shelled pistachios are 18LE, and like the cashews, they usually run out rather quickly.

The guys running the shop are always friendly and manage to get you in and out rather quickly, even when there’s a line. And when you don’t know what you’re looking at; make sure to ask for a sample. They’re more than willing to share!