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Nuweiba Camp: A Guide to The Good Life
Nuweiba Camp: A Guide to The Good Life
Published On: 08/09/2010

This year, the Eid holiday is different for us Cairenes. This summer was cut short and most of us had to give up the sea and sand for office hours and Ramadan in Cairo, so we’re all looking forward to our last chance to hit the beach.

Before you rush into your car and drive towards Sahel, we recommend you drive the opposite way towards Sinai and find The Good Life.

It’s not a mythical fantasy; The Good Life is located on the Gulf of Aqaba, between Sinai's sandstone mountains and the Red Sea’s coral reefs on the Taba/Nuweiba Road.

If you’re a nature lover, adventurous and looking for something new to do with your life, then this clean and comfortable camp makes a perfect Eid destination. The camp’s upbeat young owners Ramez El Ayat and Gamal El Jimo have given the camp a living atmosphere that’s so good; chances are you’ll keep going back.

How to find it: When you pass the Taba check point, head down 30km to Nuweiba (just before Basata) till you find a smiley face sign at the sandy entrance way. As you make your way to the camp site, you will be awestruck by the breathtaking scenery. It’s magnificent to be in the midst of nature, surrounded by the pristine clear blue water of the Red Sea and the old-as-time rocky mountains of Sinai.

For lodging you have one of two options. You either stay in the authentic wooden handmade huts or you can be a freelancer- as they call them at the- and bond with nature by spending the night in your own sleeping bag or tent in the open air.

The price per night is 75LE whether you stay in a hut or freelance; you can add 50LE to include breakfast. As for lunch and dinner, the camp offers a variety of international dishes as well as local specialties with prices ranging from 25LE to 75LE. Soft drinks and juices can be purchased at a fixed price of 5LE, regardless of what the drink is.

As the whole concept of The Good Life is to have a routine-free life, there are endless options available for how you spend your holiday. You can snorkel, fish, spend some quality time with your favourite book or even draw on the camp’s drawing wall. Group sports such as beach volleyball and football are also played, in addition to meditation and yoga.

The owners also organise weekly desert trips guided by local Bedouins of the Tarabeen Tribe, visiting valleys, canyons, and mountains. The rides and climbs are challenging as they entail walking and trekking, but they’re worth it if you’re interested in learning about the desert. The guides are friendly and welcoming of any questions that you might ask.

Shopaholics will appreciate the handmade Bedouin goods and varying accessories available for purchase as souvenirs. The items can seem a bit pricey but you should bear in mind they were handmade and the proceeds go directly to the Bedouins.

If this is your first time in a Red Sea camp, then you should be prepared; this isn’t your regular fluffy, pampering hotel experience. If you aren’t comfortable with insects or dark nights, then maybe you should rethink this trip. Also, make sure to bring your own personal blanket, towels, toiletries, sunscreen, snorkeling and fishing gear, books and something warm to wear at night; as the desert can get a bit chilly once the sun goes down.

Note that The Good Life is mostly crowded during national and international holidays, so if you would rather enjoy the beauty of nature in solitude, then Eid is not your time to visit. But if you’re a happy-go-lucky type of explorer and fancy meeting new people; then you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to live the good life.

Don’t bring along food as there is nowhere to store it but you can bring along your own icebox packed with your own drinks. For reservations, contact or call 0183145314.

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