As a bridge between the third Jackass film and a potential fourth, as well as a shameless money-making vehicle, Jackass 3.5 presents fans with a bucket load of material that didn’t make it onto the final cut of the last film. This is more than just outtakes and deleted scenes, though; there are more pranks and jokes than you can shake a deadly venomous snake at.

Jackass, in all of its reincarnations, is and has always been one of those love-it-or-hate-it film series. Needless to say, fans will be more than happy with the release of Jackass 3.5.

It’s claimed that two films' worth of usable footage was produced in making Jackass 3D, and so the amount of extras on this DVD is pretty spectacular.There are more, and at times better, pranks than what was in the original release. 

Though the musings of boyish pranksters and stuntmen probably aren’t the most enlightening, scenes are intercepted with an occasional interview with cast members. Though nothing particularly informative or constructive is emparted in these snippets, the cast do bring their untamed and carefree recklessness to the interviews. Even Jeff Tremaine chips in and gives a director’s view on the creation of what is actually a one-of-a-kind product.

Even after three MTV series, three films, a videogame, and various similar spin-off shows, Johnny Knoxeville and the crew of misfits seem to have lost not one ounce of enthusiasm. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that their fame and an increasing lack of unexplored territories have limited the range of pranks that they can pull off. Even with the advent of 3D cinema, their attempts to utilise the technology has turned their formula of crude, simple ideas, into one of more elaborate and extravagant ones that somehow lack the primitive charm, which made the franchise so peculiarly popular.

Big set-piece stunts such as the beginning and opening sequences are indulgent, and it’s other smaller stunts such as a game of tether ball being played with a beehive, or a sports car being used to pull one of the guys’ tooth out that make this a strangely compelling view.

Jackass 3.5 will make you laugh, cringe, flinch and to occasionally bring a tear to your eye. This won’t win the franchise any new fans, but will more than appease current ones.