During their honeymoon on a gorgeous Hawaii Island , newlyweds Cliff (Zahn) and Cydney (Jovovich) encounter over-excited vacationing couple Nick (Olyphant) and Gina (Sanchez). Although Cliff works as a screenwriter, it’s Nick who seems to know the most about film plot conventions, especially thrillers and mysteries. He emphasizes the importance of misleading and toying with expectations, and that’s A Perfect Getaway’s thesis in a nutshell: a cheap thriller that has nothing on its mind other than to give you a satisfying 90 minutes of second guessing the real masterminds behind the crime.

As it turns out, the tropical islands of Hawaii would’ve been the ideal honeymoon destination if it weren’t for a series of murders targeting cute couples much like Cliff and Cydney. After the pair wander off-track on a hike and subsequently lose contact with the outside world, the plot swiftly darkens. Enter more couples, each more suspicious than the next: the hostile duo Cleo and Kale, and Nick and Gina, who soon start to show troubling signs of intrusiveness.

Much of the enjoyment of A Perfect Getaway depends on your expectations, and it goes without saying that the less you know, the more you’re going to get out of it. Writer-director David Twohy spent the better part of the 90s writing action thrillers like The Fugitive and G.I. Jane, and in A Perfect Getaway, he takes all these recognizable plot devices and uses them to craft a formulaic thriller.

Jovovich, who showed some agility in the action Resident Evil films, delivers a flat normal-girl role. However, the rest of the cast turns out some appropriately zany performances, especially Zahn, who plays against his usual grounded persona. Olyphant again injects another thriller with his particular brand of tough-guy allure. In a genre usually populated by dreamy teenagers, the adult cast is one the film’s biggest draws.

While it embodies the longevity of a classic, A Perfect Getaway is a solid thriller. It may surprise viewers with its engaging story and pace, something quite rarely seen these days. You may even succumb to a second viewing to fill in all the missing pieces. And even if you didn’t buy into the end, you’ll sure have a fun time getting to it.