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‎‘Genesis’ Exhibition by Switzerland-based Egyptian Artist Yasser Nabaiel to Launch This Saturday

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‎‘Genesis’ Exhibition by Switzerland-based Egyptian Artist Yasser Nabaiel to Launch This Saturday
written by
Mariam Nowar

(Image credit: Genesis by Yasser Nabaiel)


Over a decade ago, Egyptian artist, Yasser Nabaiel moved to Lausanne, in Switzerland, to be as close to the art scene as possible. After displaying his work in over 15 exhibitions across Europe, he returns to his motherland with his latest showing entitled Genesis, whose pieces are inspired by the view of the skies. The exhibition, which takes place at Liwan Gallery, begins on Saturday, the 18th of January, at 7.00 PM, and will be open daily until the 6th of February – except for Fridays, which are from 11.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

“I live on a mountain in Switzerland, so the sky is below me, and the weather, changes rapidly throughout the day,” said Nabaiel to Cairo 360. “For the first time in my life, I was influenced by these beautiful factors, and it brought me closer to metaphysics. Where will we reach beyond the sky? I always look at the universe from a different perspective, so I imagined the universe from my own.”

The word ‘genesis’ means origin and formation, and Nabaiel views human beings as far too small when compared to the vastness of the universe. His objective in this exhibition follows the beginning of the world, as he turns his sight away from the mortal issues of human beings – which he had counted up to be around 34 topics – to focus on the solutions that the sky has to offer.

“The last period of my life has been very tough, so I let go. We’re the last generation, so we don’t need to keep copying and mimicking; it’s time for us to create. Although I must say, it’s far more difficult for me to venture through a brand new phase, so this is my first time,” he concluded.

His previous exhibition, ODDS in Art Talks last year, ventured into nothing ordinary. He had employed a Baconian methodology in depicting human psychology that is heavily influenced by the exterior world. He had observed the behaviour of electrons and outer space, and painted pictures that can be perceived differently by each observer.

Nabaiel received a Master’s degree in Fine Arts in the late 90s, and the 49-year-old passed down the painting torch by teaching at the faculty of Fine Arts, before quitting in the new millennium to pursue art full-time. Yet, he continues to give courses around the globe, so make sure to reach out to him if you’d like to learn his sacred methods.

Nabaiel was generous enough to take the time to exclusively give us a brief description of some of his displayed works. Here’s his works in his very own words:


(Via Yasser Nabaiel)

“On top of the mountain, everything is touched by the skies. The far is not strange anymore, but intimate with its peaks. When the far becomes near, the near fades away in the recesses of the obscure, and becomes only a memory. Gravity shifts, the weight lifts… Hovering up in the sky… Reality gets suspended like a cloud… Forever metamorphosing into water, rain… into clouds again…different, but still the same. The Creator is in want of nothing when all imaginations become ruthlessly shaped. ‘The Two Skies Cave’. Laws always change according to location. Even silence has a clear meaning elsewhere.”


(Via Yasser Nabaiel)

“ ‘Mother Eve’. Truth that all that we know about act is never sufficient, so we always look up at the sky. Mother, through history, has the strength of a Goddess.”

(Via Yasser Nabaiel)

“ ‘The very first verse’. The beginning of everything was simple. The important question is: why is everything circular? With no end?”