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The Third Way Exhibition: A Documentation of the Female Fight Against ISIS

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The Third Way Exhibition: A Documentation of the Female Fight Against ISIS
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This Wednesday, Lamasatt Art Gallery will host The Third Way Photography Exhibition, where renowned photographer, Asmaa Waguih, will be showcasing her latest work. Her exhibition celebrates the bravery and struggle of the heroic Arab and Kurdish women that have stood against the horrendous assaults of ISIS on the territories of Northern Syria and Iraq.

The exhibition showcases her work in the war zones of Syria and Iraq, where she captured the lives of women in these zones. The exhibition will start on Wednesday, the 11th of April, and is expected to continue until the 19th of April.

Asmaa Waguih, the Egyptian journalist and photographer, has long been in the business of covering dangerous and significant events. After graduating from Ain Shams University, Asmaa earned her Master’s Degree in Political Science from the University of London. Afterwards, she specialised in photographing stories hailing primarily from the Arab and Islamic World, in places such as Iraq, Pakistan, and Gaza. Her efforts have earned her international recognition, and her photos have been published in newspapers like The Times (London), Los Angeles Times, and Der Spiegel.