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Where to Find Cairo’s Best Bagels

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Where to Find Cairo’s Best Bagels
written by
Nesrien Abdelkader
Via Delish

They’re fluffy and chewy with a perfectly crusty exterior, and they can fit right in the palm of your hand. What better breakfast food can there be besides a freshly baked bagel? 

Although they’re relatively new to Egypt, this seemingly modest bread has a rich history that dates back centuries to its invention in Europe. After crossing over to American shores, the bagel quickly became an icon in the New York breakfast scene. Bakeries have expanded from your classic plain bagel with cream cheese to creating crazy new flavours, like the viral rainbow bagels. They haven’t been in Egypt for nearly as long, but Cairenes already can’t get enough of the delicious little rings of dough. 

Even though you’re not in New York, there’s no need to give up the search for bagels you’ll want to bring home by the dozen. Hot and fresh out of the oven, here are Cairo’s best bagel spots. 

Jared’s Bagels @jaredsbagels

Of course, we’re starting off with this beloved Maadi classic. Jared’s has been serving customers their freshly baked bagels since 2004. So when you’re craving something warm and toasty for breakfast, drop in and try one of their many flavours, including plain, sesame, cinnamon raisin, sun-dried tomato, and blueberry. They’ve also got a variety of fresh cream cheese flavours available to be spread on your bagel or purchased by the tub. 

CULT @cultegypt

This recently opened breakfast and brunch restaurant specialises in fresh brews, acai bowls, and bagels. So whether you’re looking for a savoury breakfast sandwich or something a little sweeter like their Cinnamon & Sugar Bagel, their delicious options will have you ready to join the cult. Find them at Twelve by The Platform in New Giza. 

Dunkin Donuts @dunkineg

When we need a pick-me-up in the morning, Dunkin is usually the first spot we think of. Your morning coffee will pair perfectly with a warm, crunchy bagel. There are branches all over Cairo to help satisfy your cravings for a classic toasted bagel with cream cheese. You can also top your bagel with beef bacon and cheese instead for a more filling option. 

Bun n’ Glaze @bunnglaze

This bistro and bakery specialises in sourdough baked goods, and they’ve been perfecting the balance between crispy, chewy and fluffy textured bagels. Located in the heart of Heliopolis, Bun n’ Glaze is your next new spot for brunch or a quick breakfast run before work. Try their smoked salmon bagel for the ultimate breakfast experience.