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Crates & Containers Market: Palm Hills’ First Pop-Up Market

Crates & Containers Market: Palm Hills’ First Pop-Up Market
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Cairo 360

This coming Friday, on April 3rd, Palms Hill Developments is set to host its first ever pop-up market, bringing together everything from food and fresh produce, to fashion at Palm Hills Club in 6th of October City; the Crates & Containers Market – to give it its full name – has plenty in store for Cairenes.

Be it for dining, shopping or anything else, the very concept of a pop-up market is very much en vogue right now. The folk at Palm Hills, however, have taken a much more ambitious approach in combining the best of these markets and housing it all under one proverbial roof.

Kicking off bright an early at 11AM, the all-day event will assemble only the very best of local brands from the worlds of food, drink, fashion, accessories and much, much more, with an added avant-garde theme that is set to make the Crates & Containers Market a one-of-a-kind event. With over fifty exhibitors set to set-up shop at the market, visitors will be able to feast with the likes of Mori Sushi, TBS, Fitchen, Gringos Burritos, Mince, Tamara and more.

The city’s shopaholics will be able to binge, too, with brands such as Ghazl Banat, VNTG, Body Bakes, Okhtein and Dima Jewellery set to display their unique goods. The market is also championing local produce and the healthy-living-pedlars at Formula Onederful, Fitnuts and Desert Lake Farms set to compliment, what will hopefully be, a beautiful spring day, with a dose of all things that are good for what ails you.

In addition, a heavily-guarded, top secret line-up of entertainment is to be announced – so expect some big surprises. In addition to all this, a special Kids' Zone will offer the little ones plenty to activities to engage in.

But Palm Hills have strived to make the market much more than just rows of tables with products. In what is the latest in a string of initiatives and projects benefitting Cairenes, the aim of Palm Hills’ latest extracurricular venture is to mutually engage the public in a ways that are innovative, unique and extraordinary.

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