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‎21 Bridges: Could It Be Another Hit by Boseman?

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After Chadwick Boseman’s action success with Black Panther, his presence in other films – especially action films – is highly anticipated by many. Has Boseman dazzled audiences in 21 Bridges just as much as he did before?

21 Bridges follows Detective Andre Davis (Chadwick Boseman), who, having lost his cop father at a young age, grew up to be an eager, but trigger-happy, cop. When two cop killers are on the loose after stealing huge amounts of drugs, the Police Chief (J.K Simmons) assigns Davis, along with an equally eager narcotics cop (Sienna Miller). As matters escalate, Davis pushes for closing all the bridges leading in and out of Manhattan to stop the killers from escaping, yet he has no clue that further discoveries were waiting for him.

Well, Davis had no clue about what is to come; however, the audience sure did, since the plot is mind-numbingly predictable. You can quickly tell this is a crooked-cop movie, you could easily tell who they are, as well as figure out the supposed twists, and even predict how the film will end. Do you know why? Because you and everyone who has watched any action movie in the last three decades have seen it go down the same way a million times before.

Besides the lack of innovation, the feature also wastes a significant opportunity for suspense with the fact that the bridges are only closed until 5 pm, giving Davis only a couple of hours to figure everything out. 21 Bridges does not employ that aspect profoundly enough. Instead, it just pops up in the background as opposed to being a constant ticking clock.

The film does deliver when it comes to the actions scenes, which, despite not being innovative, packed enough violence, pursuit, and danger to satisfy eager action film fans.

For the acting, Chadwick Boseman has the charisma and the acting skills, but unfortunately, the character’s lack of dimension reduces Boseman’s performance to a one tune banjo. J.K Simmons’s performance was mediocre, relative to other similar roles that he previously played in a more captivating manner. Sienna Miller’s role was equally average, as well as shallow, except for a couple of shots.

You could watch 21 Bridges for Chadwick Boseman’s sake, or the action scenes, but it is unlikely that you would want to watch it again anytime soon – if ever.

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Chadwick Boseman is the first to play Marvel Comics' superhero Black Panther.

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