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‎10 Minutes Gone: A Turn Around?‎



10 Minutes Gone is the newest feature starring Bruce Willis, and with the multiple unsuccessful (to say the least) features he had starred in, his fans are crossing their fingers this might be the turn around to his former glory days.

10 Minutes Gone follows safecracker Frank (Michael Chiklis) as he and his crew, including his previously convicted brother, are hired by criminal powerhouse Rex (Bruce Willis) to pull off a bank robbery to retrieve a deposit box. When the job goes south, the package goes missing, and Frank is knocked out with no recollection of what actually happened, fingers are pointed at each member of the crew, and honour among thieves completely disappears. To find out the truth, Frank goes from one member to another, trying to gather clues while escaping his own death.

The plot isn’t anything new with a robbery gone wrong and a crew turning on each other, and the aspect of the package buyer and Rex’s role both seem forced. The feature tries to add intrigue to the package with a thin, unremarkable, rushed backstory of the box, as well as the role of the employer who hired Rex and the crew. However, both aspects failed miserably.

10 Minutes Gone does start with some mystery but quickly falls into clichés whether when it comes to its leading characters, plot points, and even to its ending. Also, the feature’s action was cliché, and none of it stood out or was remotely memorable.

The director, Brian A. Miller, has made movies for ageing action figures like Michael Chiklis and Bruce Willis many times before. Miller even previously directed a couple of films that Willis himself stared in, but none of them generated outstanding reactions, with or without Willis.

For the acting, Michael Chiklis started with a promising performance but quickly unravelled into one that consisted mainly of going through the action motions and attempting to look serious. Bruce Willis’s performance wasn’t any better, mainly switching between a poker face and a grimace, depending on the scene. Yes, Willis has undeniable charisma on screen, but with lousy writing, barely any acting effort, and the number of low rated films he has starred in, the charm can’t save him or 10 Minutes Gone.

10 Minutes Gone is probably a waste of your time if you are an action fan looking for the next new best thing, and yet another disappointment of a feature if you are a Bruce Willis fan hoping for anything remotely as good as Die Hard.

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